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Wedding Venue FAQs You Got To Know

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At what point do you feel confused to plan and pick the perfect wedding venue? There are chances that the couple is already feeling overwhelmed with the planning, thus they miss some essential questions to ask. It is pretty important, especially if you consider renting a Uluwatu Wedding Venue. So, to avoid problems, be sure to know these FAQs.

Wedding Place Tour Duration

For a foreigner, visiting Bali just to make a tour of the venue can be a challenge. Not only about the transportation cost, but also time. However, touring the place is a must to do. No matter where you are from, be sure to check the area. Generally, the standard visit and consultation take about 45 minutes. You can ask many questions during that time.

What if you need extensive property? Renting some property in farms, private estates, or some other extensive locations demands more money and time. You will need at least one or two hours to check every nook and cranny. In this case, picking a villa wedding is better. You can save time and move from one to another Uluwatu wedding venue for more tours.

Wedding Venue Services

What should be included in the rent? In this case, you will need to ask the place itself. At the same time, you need to consider the wedding size and budget. But, no matter what the difference is, at least be sure you got the fundamental services. Some essential facilities and services should include catering, valet, reception, wedding room, separate lounge, and audience space.

The Planners Cost

When it comes to cost, the best answer should be based on the location and venue itself. You can ask for more information about the marriage package or many other cost details. However, you can also see whether the venue offers a planning service as well. Sometimes, it is better to refer to the planner package and see some other relative prices.

The Booking Date Or Duration

How far in advance do you need to book the venue? Depending on the Uluwatu wedding venue popularity, demand, and season, you might have to book as far as 12 months ahead of time. Along with the tour appointment, you will need around 15 months. But, when something occurs during the planning and booking tours, it might take about 2 years.

Suppose you are interested in holding a wedding in Uluwatu, some of that information will help you get the bare minimum information of the place. It is also a great estimation before you decide on the plan. As you know how long and how much to spend, you can pick the place easily in the future. So, nothing is disappointing.

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